December Services

Rev. Yoshiharu TomatsuOur guest speaker on December 22, 2013 for our 10 a.m. Sunday Service is Rev. Yoshiharu Tomatsu on the topic “The Meaning of Nenbutsu in the Present Moment.”

Rev. Yoshiharu Tomatsu was born in Tokyo in 1953. He attended Keio University as an undergraduate where he studied Japanese medieval history. He completed his Buddhist studies at Taisho University graduate school and received full ordination in 1978 in the Jodo Shu.

He then spent three years in the United States earning a Masters of Theological Studies at Harvard University Divinity School in 1991. The focus of his study was bio ethics and engaged Buddhism to be able to return to Japan to apply his Buddhist learning to various social issues.

Upon his return to Japan, he joined the Jodo Shu Research Institute where he is the head of the International Affairs Section and Ojo and death project. He is also a lecturer at Taisho University and Toyo University where he teaches about Buddhism and social issues.

  • December 1 – 8:00 am
    Temple Cleaning to prepare for the New Year
    (Your help is needed)
  • December 8 – 10:00 am
    Hawaii Buddhist Council’s Bodhi Day Service (in English)
    Bodhi Day is the day Shakyamuni Buddha attained enlightenment.
  • December 15 – 10:00 am
    Sunday Service (in English)
    Guest Speaker: Rev. Hiroyoshi Oeda (via Skype)
  • December 22 – 10:00 am
    Sunday Service (in English)
    Guest Speaker: Rev. Gisei Tomatsu
  • December 28
    Mochitsuki Day: Pickup times: 1:00 pm, to 4:00 pm
  • December 29 – 10:00 am
    Sunday Juzukuri Service
    Guest Speaker: Burt Lum re Buddha’s Enlightenment
  • December 31 – 11:30 pm
    New Year’s Eve Service | Joya-e Service (in English)
    Everyone invited. Please come to help ring the the temple bell 108 times.