September 2017 Sunday Services

Sept 3 10:00 AM      Sunday Obetsuji English Service
Sunday                     Guest Speaker: Stuart Nago will talk about his trip to Japan

Sept 10 10:00 AM     Sunday Keiro/Grandparents Family Service
Sunday                      (Sermon by Rev. Narashiba in English)
All those 80 years old and older will be honored.
Please bring your relatives 80 years and older.
It will be such a treat!

Sept 13                       Deadline for Chutoba orders for O-Higan Service
Wednesday                on September 24, 2017

Sept 15-17                  Hawaii Council for Jodo Missions Convention
Friday-Sunday             (also known as Kyoku Convention) will be held
at Betsuin. Delegates from all 13 Jodo Shu
temples in Hawaii and ministers will participate

Sept 17                        NO SUNDAY SERVICE
Sunday                        Final Day of Kyoku Convention

Sept 24 10:00 AM        Autumn O-Higan Sunday Service
Sunday                         (Sermon by Rev. Narashiba)

August 2017 Sunday Services

Aug 6 10:00 AM Sunday Obetsuji English Service (Sermon by Rev. Narashiba in English)

Aug 13      8:00 AM     NO Sunday Service
Sunday                         YAGURA SET UP – YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! Thank you

Aug 15-16  7 to 9 PM  BON DANCE PRACTICE at Jodo Mission of Hawaii0

Aug 18       5:45 PM      Jizo Prayer at Jizo Statue
Friday 6:00 PM              Taiko performance by Dragon Beat to begin our Bon Dance
6:30 to 9:30 PM             BON DANCE (Food Booths open at 4:30 pm)

Aug 19       6:00 PM      Taiko performance by Dragon Beat to begin our Bon Dance
Sat    6:30 to 9:30 PM    BON DANCE (Food Booths open at 4:30 pm)

Aug 20       8:00 AM       NO Sunday Service
Sunday                            Yagura kuzushi and Bon Dance Clean-up

Aug 27     10:00 AM        Juzukuri Sunday Service (Sermon by Rev. Nakano in English)