March 2018 Sunday Services

March 4 10:00 AM
Sunday Obetsuji Service.

March 4 10:30 AM
Den Den Mushi – Four students from Shukutoku University
Panel Theater
will do their storytelling with panel
board. They will sing, play music while telling their
stories. Please bring your family, friends and relatives
to see this wonderful group from Japan. You will come
away smiling, whether you are an adult or child!

March 11 10:00 AM
Sunday Family Service. Sermon by Bishop Narashiba in English.

March 18 10:00 AM
Sunday Service. Sermon by Rev. Nakano in English.

March 18 Youth Retreat

March 25 10:00 AM
Sunday Spring O-Higan Service. Sermon by Bishop Narashiba
in English. Chutoba prayers are offered upon request – Chutoba order
forms in March Bulletin or call Jodo Mission of Hawaii office
at (808) 949-3995

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